Exhibitors and partners

I am Chris Delattre, a Frenchman living in the Czech Republic for 20 years. Since 2012, I have been organizing the Chocolate Festival ( I have extensive experience with more than 150 festivals held in various cities across the country.

More than a year ago I met people in Vienna and the idea of organizing a festival here in Austria was born. I found the large hall MarxHalle, which can accommodate thousands of visitors, and the selected date is February 23-25, 2024.

The festival will take place over 3 days, from Friday to Sunday. Admission for adults will be 16 euros. A reduced rate will apply for students and children. Children under 6 years old and the disabled have free entry.

There will be 4 zones plus a balloon exhibition:

A large area of the festival will be dedicated to the exhibition of 100% ecological inflatable balloons. We will install more than 100,000 balloons on 1,200 m2, creating a huge zoo Visitors will be required to pay a nominal entrance fee regardless of the price of the Chocolate Festival ticket.

Public transport

Subway U3

Erdberg stop (Nottendorfer Gasse exit): 8 min. walk
Schlachthausgasse stop (Markhofgasse exit): 8 min. walk
Tram 18: Viehmarktgasse stop: 5 min. walk
Tram 71: St. Marx stop: 5 min. walk

Bus 74A: Viehmarktgasse stop: 5 minutes walk
Bus 80A: Neu Marx stop: 1 minute walk Train

Express S7: St. Marx Stop: Landstraßer Hauptstraße Exit: 6-7 minutes on foot

Parking options

BOE Garage: Parkhaus Neu Marx (Entry: Hermine Jursa Gasse 11)
Package €5 from 6 p.m. to midnight
Hourly rate: €2
Daily maximum: €16

WIPARK Garage & Parking: Garage Media Quarter Marx
(Entrance: Henneberggasse 2-4, 1030 Vienna)
Package €5.90 (6:00 p.m. - 2:00 a.m.)
Hourly rate: €3.00 (OSCAR €2.90)
Maximum daily amount: €7.90 (up to 24 hours after entry)

Parking Media Quarter Marx
(entrance: Maria-Jacobi-Gasse 2, 1030 Vienna)
package €5.90 (6:00 p.m. - 2:00 a.m.) hourly rate: €3.00 (OSCAR €2.90)
daily maximum: 7.90 € (up to 24 hours after entry)